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We asked the children of our Primary School to tell us their vision of the

village in the future.

We attended the school on the 1st March and each class gave a presentation

of their vision and we were extremely impressed with the children’s

enthusiasm, not only their aspirations, but the research they had carried

out to support their views.

It was noticeable how knowledgeable the children were about their topics

when responding to our questions on the day.

It is interesting to note that many of the children’s views reflect those of

their peers (speeding vehicles, no safe place to cross the road, footpaths

too narrow in places, no safe cycle routes plus the aspiration to have a

village shop and a new playground for older children)

We certainly have children and a school we can be proud of!

We hope to show some of the children’s work at the Parish Council’s AGM in

May as well as the Village Bash in July and we have attached a letter from

the headmistress for your information.

Brize Norton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

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