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The Brize Norton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group’s purpose is to design, implement, and oversee the Neighbourhood Plan development process on behalf of Brize Norton Parish Council in order that this will then progress to a successful Independent Examination and Community Referendum. Thereafter, the plan will be adopted by West Oxfordshire District Council and become planning policy. The Brize Norton Neighbourhood Plan is now entering a six week consultation period commencing:

1st August through to 12th September 2023

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has produced a ‘Regulation 14 Document’ which indicates the vision for our village, our community and our future!

As part of this process, we will receive feedback from statutory consultees. Members of our community, as well as volunteer and community groups, are also invited to read this document and submit their feedback on this plan.

To view the ‘Regulation 14 Document’ please click on the ‘Reg 14 Doc’ box below and to view the supporting evidence, please click on the ‘Appendices’ tab above. If you wish to submit any feedback, please click on the ‘Feedback Form’ box below.

Humble Bumble Cafe • The Pavilion, Station Rd, Brize Norton OX18 3PU (Map)

There will be printed versions of the Regulation 14 Document and the evidence Appendices available for viewing in the cafe along with copies of the ‘Public Consultation Survey’ document, if you wish to leave your feedback. There will be a representative from the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group or Parish Council present on each Tuesday between 11am and 1pm, Thursday between 2pm and 4pm and Saturday between 11am and 1pm each week of the consultation period.

Your views are important to us, so please take the time to read the Regulation 14 Document and if you have any comments you wish to make, then let us know using the feedback form.

Comments received by individuals will be published in a consultation report, alongside their name. No other contact details will be published.

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